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Error # - 630 Optimization File Flushing Failure

e4append -240 Record Append Attempt Past End of File e4seek -250 Seeking This error can occur if int d4seekDouble tries to do a seek on a non-numeric tag. AlexInqMetal 15.08.13 20:17 , / [+] [−] # 3. A common occurrence is if the transaction file is detected to be in an invalid state upon opening. mootriskoff Пост №9 Это влияет на порядок сортировки 12.07.2012 11:36 Это влияет на порядок сортировки Денис (САМАРА) Пост №10 Спасибо, Кэп! :) 12.07.2012 11:38 Спасибо, Кэп! :) http://dssoundware.com/error/error-43-a-file-could-not-be-found.php

e4connect -1390 -1390 System-level Communications Error This error would occur if the network hardware failed or if the server disconnected from the client. For example, the expression "SIMPLE(3)" is not valid. Sanario 09.09.13 16:28 (19) hogik, " windows "() . 7 ( . This article has been viewed 3314 times. https://www.caseware.com/support/caseknowledge/error-number-630

The tables display the integer constants and the corresponding small error descriptions accompanied by a more detailed explanation. This error is typically associated with error 40 and is the result of a break in communication between the program and the client file stored on a file server. Please login or register. 1c: "error #: - 630 optimization file flushing failure" Programmer's Town »Software »1c: "error #: - 630 optimization file flushing failure" Pages 1 You must login This can happen when the application programmer forgets to initialize some pointers and thus null pointers are passed to a function.

  1. hogik 08.09.13 17:04 (14) . ;-) , "" - 1 27 1251. , ,
  2. Update to XP Service Pack2 and make sure all servers have updated Service Packs. - Delay writes can be produced by software such as antivirus or spyware programs. - Workstations or Server has
  3. Alternatively, the client application may have been compiled with an unsupported compiler, using unsupported compiler switches, or under an unsupported operating system, resulting in perceived network problems.
  4. Close all CaseWare products, including the cwcs.exe process under the Windows Task Manager Processes tab, and run CWMaintenance.exe from the Working Papers installation directory. - Using different build versions to open the

Viewed 2592 times since Thu, May 22, 2014 How do I add a hyperlink annotation reference? For example, the maximum allowable connections for a computer may have been exceeded by the server. e4unrecValue -490 Unrecognized Value A character sequence was not recognized as a dBASE constant, field name, or function e4unterminated -500 Unterminated String According to dBASE expression syntax, a string constant starts Some CodeBase communications protocols are dependent on network stability.

Attachments No attachments were found. Check e4corrupt for potential causes of this failure. This is often the result of faulty hardware on the workstation side if only one staff is affected, or on the server side if it is widespread. browse this site e4packetLen -1370 Communication Packet Length Mismatch A packet length error has been detected.

e4typeSub -460 Sub-expression Type is Wrong The type of a sub-expression did not match the type of an expression operator. Post a comment Post Comment for "Codebase Error Codes" To post a comment for this article, simply complete the form below. This usually occurs during a database update process, which happens when a record is appended, written or flushed to disk. Helpful Not helpful Help us improve.

Print this page Email this page Post a comment Subscribe me Add to favorites Remove Highlighting Edit this Article Quick Edit Export to PDF User Opinions How would you rate this http://www.forum.mista.ru/topic.php?id=532616 e4rollback -1220 Transaction Rollback Failure An unrecoverable failure occurred while attempting to perform a rollback (e.g. Relation Errors Constant Name Value Meaning e4relate -710 Relation Error A general CodeBase relation error was discovered. Andy2C Пост №2 Скорей всего "глюки" самой 2003 Windows.Связано, п... 23.01.2004 05:19 Скорей всего "глюки" самой 2003 Windows.Связано, по-моему с ошибкой при сбросе Cash-а для разных пользователей. Видимо не успевает

AnryMc 08.09.13 9:39 (1) ivankudinr, ... : 1) - ? 2) my review here For example, if the local file-server is shutdown, CodeBase may be unable to continue operations, and may therefore fail with an e4net error. Transaction Errors Constant Name Value Meaning e4transViolation -1200 Transaction Violation Error Attempt to perform an operation within a transaction which is disallowed (e.g. An open request has occurred but an active data handle in the same executable is inhibiting the open. 2.

e4fieldType -220 Unrecognized Field Type A data field had an unrecognized field type. AnryMc 08.09.13 9:45 (12) ivankudinr, - , , ... , It is virtually impossible to escape this error so it is advantageous to allocate all the memory required before any updates are made. click site Miscellaneous Errors Constant Name Value Meaning e4max -1400 CodeBase Capabilities Exceeded (system maxed out) The physical capabilities of CodeBase have been maxed out.

Kolunya 16.08.13 10:12 ? [+] [−] # 7. Working Papers is a real-time software, which is constantly reading from and writing to multiple databases and a drop in communication is more likely to affect that higher level of network Memo Errors Constant Name Value Meaning e4memoCorrupt -1110 Memo File Corrupt A memo file or entry is corrupt.

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AnryMc 08.09.13 9:31 Error: # -630 Optimization File Flushing Failure 630 - . client version mismatches server version). It will also occur when creating a data file with an invalid field type. Therefore, this error is unlikely to occur in client-server applications, where the server is opening all files.

One possibility is out of disk space. e4socket -1320 Socket Failure A socket failure. When a Word document is accessed from the server, it is stored in the local system memory while it is being worked on and then the server copy is accessed when navigate to this website If you receive this error, reduce the number of files opened in your application at any given time.

e4parm -930 Unexpected Parameter A CodeBase function was passed an unexpected parameter value. e4write -120 Writing to File This error can occur when the disk is full.