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I go every day to school. 21. If we had a gym here, I can work out after work. 14. It's 3:35 in the afternoon. Get a free English lesson every week! 2 MILLION subscribers!Click here! Ads: Partners: - English translator - Our other sites Free educational sites > Learn English > Thematic page:CORRECT THE this content

We use could or was/were able to to talk about what was generally possible in the past. Is raining really hard right now. On Sunday, I always go to the church. 3. We use despite/in spite of before a noun or gerund.  We use even though/although before a subject and a verb.

Error Detection And Correction Exercises In English

No, we don’t. if the country or area is a collection of islands (the Maldives, the Canary Islands). Examples: We weren't able to outbid our competitors. Then you can compare your answer to the correct answer.

Test Your English Check Your English LevelThe Barton Vocabulary TestVerb Tense Review (Intermediate)Articles (A, An, The)Prepositions Discussion Questions Conversation QuestionsSpeech Topics Lesson Plans Top-rated LessonsList of TopicsIntermediateUpper-IntermediateAdvancedMore ... I have added explanations as you requested. On Sunday, I always go to the church. Error Correction Exercises In English Grammar With Answers What is the difference between these cars? 11.

Examples: Listen to your mother. If you are still unsure about how to answer a question even after narrowing your choices down to two, you will fare better by selecting the more concise of the remaining Did you sleep well last night? JOIN our free club and learn English now! Choose a radioNews (US) News (UK)Live (US)Live (UK)Special EnglishSpecial E scripts Home Print Guestbook Report a bug GREAT!

A free English exercise to learn English. Error Correction Exercises With Answers Pdf Make and do, can be confusing. My uncle John is funner more fun than my uncle Mike. If we use a verb immediately after a preposition, we need the gerund.

Error Correction Examples In English

We have people from all over the world here: India, the United States, Venezuela, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. (two mistakes) We use the in the names of certain countries: the Yes, I do. Error Detection And Correction Exercises In English Examples: Could you tell me what time it is? Error Detection In English Sentences Exercises It is a pronoun.

12.     I have not an iPhone .

I sometimes go to the beach on Saturday. news I can to swim. We use stop + gerund to communicate that an action has finished. The expression is to be afraid of something. 10. Always, I always study before I go to bed. Sentence Error Correction Exercises With Answers

I would rather to work from home than come to the office. 3. Please borrow me your badge so I can get into the storage closet. 7. I can't finish this by the end of the day. have a peek at these guys You may find that you need to resist the temptation to always select the shortest answer choice.

Privacy Policy . Error Correction In English Grammar Do you like it? An adverb should not be the subject of a sentence.

In the passive voice, we use by to talk about who created something (a painting, a book, a story, etc.). 10.

He plays soccer very good. Could you tell me what time is it? Matt (Posted on 1-16-2016 at 03:19) Reply ↓ Thank you so much! English Error Correction Exercises Pdf In the above sentence, the speaker is talking about something good (the beauty of Brazil).

No, he can’t. Give me an another pen. 12. It is generally not used in the progressive (~ing) tense.  8.     Look! http://dssoundware.com/error-correction/english-error-correction-pdf.php I'm thinking of to go going home because I'm tired.

A verb is still needed. 20. We have English class twice a week. I'm thinking of to go home because I'm tired. 19. Therefore, to show that it's not a real possibility, we use the second conditional. 17.     I still did my homework at 10:30 pm last night.

We can say I'm pretty sure, but I'm not pretty sure is incorrect. 21. Is 3:35 in the afternoon. I love that movie because it is funny. The last year I didn't know much English. 8.

We call these verbs stative verbs. Some languages use double negatives. For more information, see this guide to conditionals. 14. Rewrite the sentences correcting the mistakes. 1.

I'm a doctor. So do I. So am I. No, they won't. 22. Do Would you like to go to the movies tomorrow night? A story is a description of an event or series of events (real or fake) and is often told with the intent to entertain the listener. ij (Posted on 6-13-2015 at 10:36) Reply ↓ yes Sahel (Posted on 6-8-2016 at 12:17) Reply ↓ Do u like football?

For more information see this page from the British Council.   31. Do you like it? Yes, we are. No, I’m not.

I am more tall than my brother. 16. Probably He probably likes soccer. Question Affirmative Negative do or does     Do you like your job? On my first day, they told me that we will have orientation at the end of my first week. Business English Work-related IdiomsAdjectives to Describe EmployeesWriting for Tone, Tact, and DiplomacySpeaking TactfullyMore ...