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Entourage Ews Error 17997


It wouldn't sync with the older Outlook but I thought with EAS that it would sync and all my devices could communicate! From our investigations we found users hitting similar issues when they were missing a patch that was released for Windows Server. You can use these settings if you want to rebuild a virtual directory with the same settings. Typically, you'll use the same address as the Outlook Web Access (OWA) address. http://dssoundware.com/error-code/entourage-proxy-error.php

Thanks for sticking with me on this. 2 years ago Report jondmatthews Interestingly enough the file is there for me: $ pwd /Applications/Microsoft Outlook.app/Contents/Frameworks/OsfCore.framework/Versions/A $ ls -la total 1832 drwxr-xr-x 5 Bummer. Thanks Sean!If it wasn't difficult, it wouldn't be fun, but why's it got to be this much fun. changes log ... http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_outlook-mso_mac/outlook-2011-error-code-17997/deb2f5e2-85fd-44b3-ae52-7232ab3b9c4c

Mac Outlook Error Code 17997

The new version of the Outlook client for Mac looks great so far, except for this one core feature - that is a complete blocker to deployment. I have everything installed and ready, but am unable to activate. Online archive in this release works similarly to the implementation in Windows. Vijay 2 years ago Report jwdonaldson It doesn't work with our ADFS either.

This needs to either be fixed very promptly or removed as it will break users OL install and flood our helpdesk. 2 years ago Report nagavijay @sbarrier - What is the We really appreciate the feedback and we're happy that you're enjoying it. 2 years ago Report TheCompanyComputerGuy The ADFS activation just worked for us as of 2:30PM CDT 2 years ago but maybe someone on the team could take a few minutes and drop a few notes in the zarafa wiki ?? Unexpected Data Was Encountered Outlook 2016 Outlook does not sync with BPOS.

Case-sensitive file system. 2 years ago Report peterloron I was able to work around this by making a soft link: cd /Applications/Microsoft Outlook.app/Contents/Frameworks sudo ln -s OsfCore.framework osfcore.framework 2 years ago Outlook 2016 Error Code 17997 Messages will be synchronized from the server. not available outside US yet)? 2 years ago Report Andy O'Donald Microsoft.com User"> Outlook for Mac for Office 365 is available for Office 365 subscriptions that includes the Office apps. http://www.officeformachelp.com/outlook/faqs/faqs-2/ Unfortunately, Outlook for Mac only syncs mail via IMAP for Outlook.com accounts. 2 years ago Report dremington I really don't care what protocol is used under the covers.

Alessio Roic Outlook for Mac - Program Manager 2 years ago Report IB_Goldberg Really? 4 years and tens of thousands of online user requests and MSFT still has not enabled this? Unexpected Data Was Encountered Outlook 2016 Mac Upshot: they couldn't configure an Exchange account in my Mac's Outlook 2011 either. No support? 2 years ago Report daelius Really incredible. Try to browse to the site again.

Outlook 2016 Error Code 17997

However, sometimes you may get the error message “Unexpected data was encountered” while connecting Mac Outlook 2011 to Exchange Server and if you will check the error log you will see https://www.itsupportguides.com/exchange-2007/entourage-ews-attachment-size-error/ Previous Thread Next Thread Loading... 0/5, 0 votes Denis Recendez Guest There appears to be some sort of problem with this one person's Exchange 2007 account at my institution.  Entourage will Mac Outlook Error Code 17997 Did it work with Outlook for Mac now? @MisterZ Did it work with Apple Mail? Error 17997 Outlook 2016 The workaround described above (move the messages to the Drafts folder and send from there) only worked for the meeting invite, i.e.

This is the default Exchange setting for Web Services. news Suggestions? We are look into this to implement this in Zarafa as well. Note: You need to reconfigure a virtual directory after its reset because a new virtual directory will have default settings. Outlook 2011 Error Codes

alberto03-03-2012, 04:44 PMWe are moving more of our users to Mac and to Outlook. Please help! 2 years ago Report [email protected] Unable to activate using my ITT school account. Got it running with 7.1.10 on Debian 64. http://dssoundware.com/error-code/entourage-sync-error.php I'm logged into my portal and I don't see it.

Will Zarafa 7 work ? Outlook 2011 Error Code 50 Sharepoint (http://www.linux-magazin.de/NEWS/Cebit-2012-Agorum-Sugar-Open-Source-Groupware-der-Angriff-auf-Sharepoint) Translated from Google: For next year, the developers have the Zarafa-off capability of the planned programmed in HTML 5 web app, but probably even earlier to the free groupware What puzzles me is that an Exchange account on Entourage and my MacBook won't work using the same settings as Exchange ActiveSync on my Nokia N8, which syncs flawlessly with OWA.

If I purposefully use the wrong credentials, it tells me they were incorrect.

Try to browse to the site again. They have 2007. ***grumble**** 2 years ago Report Blakeintosh Is it now possible to use Side-by-Side View for viewing multiple calendars, instead of having them all overlaid together? 2 years ago Whats interesting is we're able to view the shared calendar (published) in Calendar app but not within Microsofts Outlook MAC 2 years ago Report HBB Hi jwang - no i didn't Outlook 2016 Mac Error Code 17997 True. 2 years ago Report scroob_pip The activation process doesn't seem to work for the federated ADFS at our University.

When I enter the user name and password and click ‘Sign In', it flickers and does nothing. If imported, this account can't synchronize with the exchange server." I don't have control over the Exchange Server which is 2010. May be different for business users, but I am not a business user but require this functionality. 2 years ago Report torskare Hi are you sure that eas is not included? http://dssoundware.com/error-code/entourage-error-1025-mac.php If your Exchange server is at 2010 RTM or SP1 you will need to continue using Outlook 2011 until your administrator updates the server to SP2 or higher.

https://community.zarafa.com/pg/plugins ... If anyone is having better luck can you go through the settings you're using in Outlook 2011 for Mac including your settings in the advanced tab.