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Which will dig a lot deeper into your car's performance, health, chip data. i hope i could help you all. 11-27-2003, 10:36 PM #23 SOHC_MShue Honda-Tech Member Join Date: Jun 2002 Location: Richmond, Va, usa Posts: 11,440 Re: (JDMlifestyle) yea Turn the key off and remove the seat. For 92-01 Acura Integras, 92-00 Honda Civics, 92-00 Honda Accords, 92-01 Honda Preludes and 93-98 Honda Del Sol you can find out specifically what the CEL pertains too. Check This Out

Computer and Output Circuit 7. The error system that was implemented used "codes", or a series of blinking "CELs" or check engine light to signify the faulty sensor(s). VTX 1800 ECU Error Codes # flashes Symptoms Causes 0(no flash) Engine doesn't start Open circuit at the power input wire of the ECM Faulty bank angle sensor Open circuit in You can use Find (Ctrl F) in PCLink to find the fault code. http://www.linkecu.com/software-support/ecu-fault-codes/

2jz Code 12

This makes it easier to diagnose new problems. Detecting ECU Fault Codes at My Auto Solutions At My Auto Solutions, our experienced technicians use ECU fault codes to find the exact problems that vehicles experience, so that they can well here is a list Way to check codes on your 92-95 civic. P0300-P0305 These codes represent problems with engines misfiring.

If you go to passanger side kick panel and raise up the carpet u sould see your ecu. For example if you have four long blinks, with one short blink this would signify a code 41. If either of these sensors experience problems, your vehicle may experience a lower fuel economy due to a problem with the fuel mixture or air/fuel ratio. Ecu Codes Vauxhall Vehicle Speed Control and Idle Speed Control 6.

The long duration blink signifies the first numeric value, and the short duration blink signifies the second numeric value. All 88-89 are OBD0. 90-91 that came with a B20a5 are OBD0 too. (These were the "2.0SI" models in the U.S.) 90-91 that ORIGINALLY came with a B21a1 are OBD1. (The If you need more in depth explanation of the code, or a wiring schematic Evans Tuning strongly suggests purchasing a "shop manual" for your particular vehicle. her latest blog Please make sure that you check that your particular code is not vital, and do not assume its not.

OBD1 cars have a single O2 installed in the downpipe under the motor. Honda Obd2 Codes then take the code #'s and hop on this thread and see what it is. dont start your car. Using a small piece of wire short out the 2 wires in the connector (use the wire to connect the 2 terminals in the plug).

Honda Ecu Error Codes

DAMN code 8! http://www.evans-tuning.com/tech-articles/obd1-codes Self-diagnostic procedure With the kickstand down start the engine. 2jz Code 12 that is a code 13. !....!....!!!!! Freightliner Error Code Ecu 128 Misfires can occur for many reasons, so it is important to have your car looked at by an auto technician to determine which parts are faulty and in need of a

EGR, EVAP etc. his comment is here Turn the key on and flip the kill switch (big red button in right switch housing) to the on position. thread so if ppl look into that they will see it. 11-27-2003, 02:36 PM #21 misfitmagoofey Join Date: Jul 2003 Location: Fillmore, ca, usa Posts: 190 Re: about a code. Ecu Fault Symptoms

Also check all PCLink runtime values for real time information on ECU parameters.CodeDescriptionCauseSolution0No FaultEverything is OK!None1RPM LimitRPM limit reachedThe RPM limit was activatedThis fault may occur as part of normal operation While sensors do go bad, 99% of the time a check engine light on a modified car is due to a wiring issue. The vehicle service manual should be consulted for more information on possible causes of the fault, along with required testing. http://dssoundware.com/error-code/edi-error-code-e8.php With the ignition key off, wait approximately 30 seconds, than place the fuse back into the holder.

it will flash.. 1 long flash is 10. Obd Codes List the quick flashes are one. So I blindly held it into the connector and used my other hand to check the codes.

If your check engine light comes on, the ECU fault code can tell you exactly what problem your vehicle is experiencing.

The simplest method is to use a paper clip, and bend it into a "U" shape. Contact Us Your Name (required) Number (required) Your Email (required) Your Message Home About Repair Services How It Works Help Testimonials Blog Contact Hours of Operation:9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Monday By the way it was throwing a code 15. Link G1 Ecu Auxiliary Emission Controls 5.

I had to bend it all around to get it to stick in there correctly plus it was dark and I couldn't see. Common ECU Fault Codes Despite the amount of diagnostic trouble codes, some vehicle problems are seen more often than others, causing certain ECU fault codes to be more common. What can you do? http://dssoundware.com/error-code/er-dh-error-code.php With the design of the Honda engine control unit (ECU), an error system was implemented when a vital engine sensor stopped reading correctly.

The long flash represents 10 flashes while the short flash represents 1, this means that one long flash followed by 3 short flashes equal error code 13. The check engine light is located on the gauge cluster, and when lit solidly, signifies a sensor issue. How do I know if my car is OBD0 or OBD1? Disconnecting the negative battery cable will clear the memory of the ECU, as well as other solid-state equipment such as radios.

In most cases, you will see a “P” that indicates a powertain issue, which includes a vehicle’s engine, emission, and transmission systems. “B” codes signal body issues, such as problems with Locate the E1 and TE1 terminals and using a paperclip, piece of wire etc connect these two terminals together. As a result, oxygen sensors are likely to report fuel mixture problems. FREE!* Just TXT 'ZEALAUTO' to 41411 for instructions.

I mean what could be wrong? please help i need to know wheather to get it tested but dont realy want to pay for diagnostic im a poor lil guy 11-27-2003, 10:31 PM #22 JDMlyfestyle Watch your check engine light on your cluster. I take a spare piece of thin speaker wire and cut off both ends so that the actual copper of the wire is showion on both ends.

You can also find additional information and pics about this process on my forums at this link.