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Ebay Api Error Codes


For item filter {0}, maximum of {1} seller IDs are allowed. 51 ERROR Keyword is too long. An infrastructure error can have one of two severity levels. Long error: If you want to revise or relist an item in the Event Tickets category, that item must have originally been listed in the Event Tickets category. 517 Serious Error If the problem is due to end-user input data, please alert the end-user to the problem and provide the means for them to correct the data. http://dssoundware.com/error-code/ebay-api-error-code-37.php

Long error: Unknown error. 797 Serious Error Short error: Must be super-user to use this tag. Use the following guidelines for handling an application-level error: Symptoms: An API call request returns an error result set. Long error: The UserId "replaceable_value" is invalid. Long error: You must specify a PostalCode value to change/add address. 384 Serious Error Short error: Invalid PostalCode.

Ebay Error Code 80000

Long error: The region number you have entered is invalid. Long error: UPS Letter cannot be used with this shipping service. 887 Serious Error Short error: USPS Flat Rate Envelope cannot be used with this shipping service. Long error: can not be greater than 2 digits. 248 Serious Error Short error: Database Server Error. Warning This means the request was processed successfully, but something occurred that you should be aware of.

Long error: No session certificate was found as a tag or in the HTTP header. 146 Serious Error Short error: Invalid Developer ID or/and Application ID. Long error: Error needs to be translated into API error. 42 Serious Error Short error: Missing item number in the input. Check your username and password and try again. Ebay Error Code 70020 Inspect the error message to find the cause of the problem.

Please go back and remove the featured auction option. 106 Serious Error Short error: Description is missing. The username/password pair specified for the user is not valid. As a precautionary […] Read More → eBay Error - 12519 Shipping service Standard Shipping(1) is not available. http://pages.ebay.com/file_exchange/SMP_errorcodes.html Surround critical application operations in a try..catch construct to handle these exceptions.

There are three categories of errors: request errors, application errors, and system errors. Ebay Error Code 601 Each one has a parameter ID attribute (ParamID) that specifies the index of the parameter in the list (e.g., 0 for the first parameter, 1 for the second parameter). Please try the transaction again. 287Please check the listing requirements for Buy It Now items. When values are not provided for one or more domestic or international shipping fields, this error is returned. 35The username and password combination you provided is not valid.

Ebay Error Code 80801

Long error: Please provide a weight between 0 and 70 pounds. 741 Serious Error Short error: Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes can only be used with Priority Mail. https://developer.ebay.com/devzone/xml/docs/Reference/ebay/types/SeverityCodeType.html How Half.com sellers can list their inventory on eBay using eBay API Troubleshooting User Token issues Print Email This Page Delicious Digg Facebook Reddit StumbleUpon Twitter Submit a request Sign in Ebay Error Code 80000 Long error: Tax state should not be longer than 32 characters. 158 Serious Error Short error: Payment Instructions too long. Ebay Error Code 80016 Long error: The transaction is not processed. 873 Warning Short error: Unable to create checkout transaction.

Long error: The seller is not qualified to list a store fixed price item, or store Fixed-Price feature is not available on international sites. 487 Serious Error Short error: Invalid UUID http://dssoundware.com/error-code/ebay-error-3110.php Long error: The auction listing type is not valid. Example: Catching Infrastructure Errors (C#) System.Xml.XmlNode details = soapex.Detail; string severity = ""; string longmsg = ""; string errcode = ""; string srtmsg = ""; try { severity = details.SelectSingleNode("/FaultDetail/Severity").InnerText; longmsg Long error: You will be unable to list new items until payment is made. 124 Serious Error Short error: Developer name invalid. Ebay Error Code 70049

Long error: Your feedback rating does not allow you to leave feedback. 52 Serious Error Short error: User for whom you are trying to leave feedback for is not found. When it comes to non-payment of eBay fees, reinstating your account is simple. Long error: The Buy It Now price has been revised by the seller. 863 Serious Error Short error: Immediate payment PayPal payment missing. Check This Out Long error: In order to sell items using the Dutch auction format, you must Have a feedback rating of 10 or above and be a member of eBay for at least

Try again with new category {1}. 105 ERROR The App/User is not authorized. 106 ERROR Invalid site: {0}. 107 ERROR Invalid expedited shipping type: {0}. 108 ERROR Specified filter, {0}, is Ebay Error Code 8000 Long error: You must specify a valid country name to change/add address. 383 Serious Error Short error: PostalCode Missing. Support When an infrastructure error occurs, eBay returns a SOAP fault that specifies the details of the errors (FaultDetail).

The same list of errors is applicable regardless of whether you are using the XML API, SOAP API, eBay SDK for Java, or eBay SDK for Windows.

If you are using the SDKs, API errors will not trigger an exception that will be captured by a try..catch construct. LeaveFeedback is temporarily unavailable. 64 Serious Error Short error: Contact info for feedback source out of date. Long error: Sorry, you can only create a maximum of replaceable_value templates per product. Ebay Error Code 70205 Please use the Account Status option for recent account activity.

Long error: API developer "replaceable_value" inactive. 127 Serious Error Short error: Application name invalid. Long error: The value supplied in tag does not match number of pictures in picture URL. 231 Serious Error Short error: Item not found. Long error: Attribute characteristic Set not found for version "replaceable_value", site "replaceable_value", and category "replaceable_value". 904 Serious Error Short error: Invalid User ID. this contact form Long error: Please make sure the unit cost is not less than 0. 903 Serious Error Short error: Attribute characteristic Set not found.

Submit a request Comments Related articles What's the story with GTC? Two key properties are the following: the ErrorType property (indicating the type of error) of ApiException and the Message property (containing the text message of the exception) of SdkException. Long error: The unit cost currency specified is invalid, please specify a valid currency. 902 Serious Error Short error: Invalid Unit Cost. You can find out how right here.   All other eBay errors can be viewed and searched for here, on the eBay website.

Long error: Please make sure the product name contains only letters and numbers. 896 Serious Error Short error: Exceeded max number of templates per product. Long error: Please enter this information. 402 Serious Error Short error: Your email address is too long. Long error: Sorry, you cannot use these filters for a store search. 426 Serious Error Short error: Your email cannot contain consecutive "." Long error: Your email cannot contain consecutive "." Sometimes this error occurs at other times.

Please enter a single email address of yours. For details, see https://ebay.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/803/~/error-841---user-suspended-error 916The cited read-only Item Specifics are no longer valid and were dropped. This error occurs when this threshold is exceeded. Long error: The auction has ended and bidding is closed for this item. 228 Serious Error Short error: Feedback for this user was not found.

Long error: The provided certificate is invalid. 133 Serious Error Short error: Developer ID in session certificate invalid. Call Top error codes returned, most frequently first AddDispute 16202, 16212, 931, 16207, 16206, 841, 518, 16208, 21916812, 16211, 21916811, 932, 16112, 16210, 16209, 21916814, 16110, 10009, 17104, 127, 20401, This documentation and the API may only be used in accordance with the eBay Developers Program and API License Agreement.