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Ebay Error Code #50018


Review your listing and, if necessary, update the Item Specifics. 10007This indicates an error on the eBay server – not an error in your application. 10008The value provided for "replaceable_value" is Long error: Actual rate shipping is not available. 749 Serious Error Short error: You must select gift icon before selecting a gift service. Long error: XML Error Text: "replaceable_value". 9 Serious Error Short error: Integer value supplied for input "replaceable_value" is out of range. Long error: Please make sure the folder name does not exceed replaceable_value characters. 893 Serious Error Short error: Folder name is not alphanumeric. have a peek here

This error type is indicated in error result sets by the value returned in the ErrorClass return field. These tags are not allowed for eBay Motors items. 468 Serious Error Short error: Pagination Required. I had to add a second merchandise into the cart to get through this problem. (17,500 Views) Comments (0) Permalink 0 Kudos Report Inappropriate Content mrsandman0_1 (845 ) View Listings Community Long error: You cannot select an Adult Only category for a Fixed-Price item. 309 Serious Error Short error: Invalid start price for relist.

Ebay Error Code 124

Please specify only 1 selection. 40 Serious Error Short error: No Gallery Picture Provided. More information. 924The respective Item Specifics are invalid and have been dropped. 930The XML request did not contain values for or . Long error: You are not allowed to revise ended listings. 292 Serious Error Short error: You are not allowed to add second category. Currently supported version is "replaceable_value". 886 Serious Error Short error: UPS Letter cannot be used with this shipping service.

each time i click to check out, i get error code 70025. As soon as I hit the checkout button I receive error code 70245.What should be done to avoid this error?Someone please confirmBest Regards (14,802 Views) Comments (0) Permalink 0 Kudos Report Long error: Please enter a valid price for your item (e.g. Ebay Error 110 To update the currency type, end the listing and then resubmit it. 10095Please modify the value provided for Duration.

Long error: The start price appears to be negative. 77 Serious Error Short error: Error in reserve price. Ebay Error 25002 If you wish to win the item, please use Buy It Now. 602 Serious Error Short error: No theme ID found. The offending characters are often hidden and were likely added inadvertently when copying content from another program into eBay. The maximum length is {0}.

Please provide a valid one. 640 Serious Error Short error: replaceable_value Long error: replaceable_value 701 Serious Error Short error: The transaction code does not exist. Ebay Address Book Error 1050 The type column in the error table indicates whether a message is serious error or a warning. Please provide it. 603 Serious Error Short error: Invalid theme ID found. To correct the listing, upload the latest Item Specifics from eBay. 5116The Item Specific named "replaceable_value" was dropped.

Ebay Error 25002

each time i click to check out, i get error code 70025. Long error: Please make sure the unit cost is not less than 0. 903 Serious Error Short error: Attribute characteristic Set not found. Ebay Error Code 124 Long error: Invalid value "replaceable_value" for tag name "replaceable_value". 870 Serious Error Short error: Duplicate API call. Ebay Error Code 1012 Create or join a Group today!

Long error: This store is not open. 321 Serious Error Short error: Error in payment methods. navigate here i haven't bought anything since may. Each error is either an Application Error, System Error or Request Error. Long error: Sorry, but the start date was missing or invalid. must be in YYYY-MM-DD format. 334 Serious Error Short error: Invalid account activity end date. Listing Error Ebay Paypal

Long error: You have sent a value in the (or ) tag, please send the value in the (or ) tag. 340 Serious Error Short error: Invalid page number. Long error: In order to sell items using the Dutch auction format, you must Have a feedback rating of 10 or above and be a member of eBay for at least For details, see http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/updating-credit-card.html 10124The URL you provided contains "eBay". Check This Out Report Inappropriate Content Message 4 of 7 (2,624 Views) Reply 0 Kudos sti-goi-dnvuvtawfx (0) View Listings Community Member Posts: 1 Registered: ‎10-13-2015 Re: error code 70025 Options Mark as New Bookmark

Depending on the context of the error, this replaceable value could be the name of an API tag, a user ID, an item ID, or some other string that is not Ebay Error Code 70245 70358 Choose a topic to view New to eBay Getting Started Buying & Selling Basics Starting an eBay Business Buying & Selling My Account Bidding & Buying Selling Payments Shipping & Returns Long error: The specified domain is not mapped to the category. 477 Serious Error Short error: The seller is not qualified to list a store fixed price item, or store Fixed-Price

Long error: The application ID in the session certificate is not a valid application ID. 137 Serious Error Short error: User ID in session certificate invalid.

Long error: Your StartPrice is too low. Long error: Invalid . To view recent account activity, please use the Account Status option. 339 Serious Error Short error: Please specify tax state. Ebay Error Code 70245 70350 Long error: You cannot edit, relist or sell similar Second Chance Offer listings. 440 Serious Error Short error: Error in shipping and handling.

Long error: You are not the seller of this item. Long error: Category change denied. You cannot change the category for this item. 498 Serious Error Short error: Cannot submit a scheduled listing. this contact form Long error: API "replaceable_value" inactive. 131 Serious Error Short error: Certificate mismatch.

Long error: Immediate payment PayPal email address is missing, please provide a valid one. 845 Serious Error Short error: Immediate payment Seller missing. To create a new template you will need to delete one of your existing templates. 897 Serious Error Short error: Exceeded max number of folders. Long error: The Adult category selected is not valid for a HomePageFeatured(SuperFeatured) item. 775 Serious Error Short error: Invalid category. This is because the list of possible errors can change periodically even though the WSDL may not change (due to changes in validation rules on the eBay site).

Errornumber Severity

Long error: The detail information for UserId "replaceable_value" was not found in our database. 34 Serious Error Short error: Your application encountered an error. Long error: If value is 2, you must supply and . 331 Serious Error Short error: Invalid value for counter style. The table below lists all of the error messages that could be encountered using the eBay Platform API. Long error: API request version "replaceable_value" is not supported.

Long error: Your feedback comment for this user was not left. Long error: The Buy It Now price appears not to be a whole number.Your Buy It Now price must be a whole number. 349 Serious Error Short error: Application data value Long error: You must specify a valid PostalCode to change/add address. 385 Serious Error Short error: State Missing. Long error: The specified time window is invalid. 522 Serious Error Short error: No time window specified.

Long error: The Adult category selected is not valid for a BIN item. 777 Serious Error Short error: Invalid or missing account level. You will need to search and delete these characters from any text that is included in any component of your ads, i.e. Please check API documentation 202 Serious Error Short error: Second category not supported Long error: List in multiple Categories is not available within the Automotive categories 211 Serious Error Short error: Long error: Sorry, but you cannot get access to seller payment address for privacy reasons. 505 Serious Error Short error: Invalid payment method selection.

Long error: The theme ID is obsolete. Long error: Your feedback comment for this user was not left. Please try the transaction again. 287Please check the listing requirements for Buy It Now items. Long error: The requested service is marked down. 772 Serious Error Short error: You cannot use the eBay scheduling feature.